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Welcome to the Online Home of Niobe Baptist Church

We're glad you found our site.  We hope you'll enjoy your visit here and are

able to learn more about our church, and more importantly, more about our

great God.  We would love to have the opportunity to meet you in person,

so please feel free to stop in and join us for a service sometime.

                                                  - Pastor Kevin Hadley

Please visit Our blog at

to see updates on Timmy's condition.

We appreciate all your prayers.


Niobe Baptist Church

255 Church Street

Panama, NY 14767


Our Pastor's Blog:

Moving On Up






Sunday School - 9:45am

Worship - 11:00am

Evening Service - 6:00pm


Prayer Meeting - 7:00pm

Corry Manor:

First Sunday of the Month at 3:30pm








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