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Welcome to the Online Home of Niobe Baptist Church

Niobe Baptist Church is a group of people who have realized that the

only way to please God, have our sins forgiven, and know that we

have a home in heaven is through Jesus Christ, and his death on the


We meet together weekly to worship God, to grow in our faith, to

encourage and pray for one another, and to fellowship (share our lives)

with one another.  When we meet together, we enjoy singing, learning

from the Bible, and spending time in prayer.

Pastor Kevin Hadley and his family have been at the church since

November of 2003. As of 2018, God has blessed the Hadley family

with 9 children that minister along with their parents.

Niobe Baptist Church uses the King James Version for all of its teaching

ministries, and is traditional in its singing.

The church was founded in 1855 and has been at its present location

since 1885.  I have included some pictures of the church through

the years for those interested in the physical history. The background

picture is the original church building built in 1885.

Here is the Background Picture

c. 1885

Here is c. 1913 after moving the

steeple and bell tower

Here is c. 1949 after a fire destroyed

the bell tower and the bell

was lowered into the tower

A New foyer was added

this picture is c. 1977

Here is a more recent picture









Sunday School - 9:45am

Worship - 11:00am

Evening Service - 6:00pm


Prayer Meeting - 7:00pm

Corry Manor:

First Sunday of the Month at 3:30pm




Kevin Hadley has been the pastor since late 2003.  He and his wife, Jennifer, have 8 children.

Kevin plays the guitar and enjoys gardening and working with his hands.

Jennifer plays the piano and enjoys sewing and reading.

The children are homeschooled and enjoy raising chickens and helping wherever they can.







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