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Online Audio Sermons

These audio sermons are provided for your benefit.  We do not believe that they can take the place of regular church attendance, but we hope they will minister to you as you study with us.


Message Title


I Corinthians 6 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 10/7/18
I Corinthians 5 What Sin Bothers You Most? 9/30/18
I Corinthians 4 Serving For God's Glory 9/23/18
I Corinthians 3 Wisdom for Masterbuilders 9/16/18
I Corinthians 2 Where Do We Place Our Trust? 9/9/18
I Corinthians 1 A Church For God's Glory 9/2/18
Daniel 11-12 The Importance of Prophecy (Wasn't recorded right) 8/26/18
Daniel 10 Living in the Wait 8/19/18
Daniel 9 If You Want More From God 8/12/18
Daniel 8 The Preparation and Protection of God's People 8/5/18







Sunday School 9:45am

Worship  11:00am

Evening Service 6:00pm


Prayer Meeting  7:00pm

Corry Manor:

First Sunday of the Month at 3:30pm








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